Volunteering For a Greater Kochi!

We are uniting key players to harness residents' creativity for Greater Kochi's well-being.

Who We Are

About Us

Kochi Volunteer Bank aims to establish a dynamic platform that encourages community engagement and volunteerism among Kochi's residents regardless of their age.

The Kochi Volunteer Bank initiative is a collaborative effort involving the Kochi Municipal Corporation and KITES India. This initiative is driven by a shared goal to tap into the collective energy and creative potential of individuals residing in Kochi to enhance Greater Kochi's well-being.

Our Values

Volunteering For a Greater Kochi!

Our Vison

To unlock our skilled population's potential through volunteering, aligning with Kerala's 14th Five-Year Plan for inclusive growth and making Kochi India's 'volunteering capital.'

Our Mission

Create a vibrant platform to promote community engagement and volunteerism in Kochi. Raise awareness about local issues and enlist volunteers to drive positive change in the community.


Who can Volunteer?

School Students

College Students

Government Employees

Corporate volunteers

Common citizens

Why Choose Kochi Volunteer Bank?

Community Power:

Join a like-minded community, fostering belonging and shared purpose.

Diverse Opportunities:

Explore volunteer roles matching your interests and schedule.

Impact Kochi:

Be part of positive citywide changes, leaving a lasting mark.

Easy Joining:

Quick and hassle-free registration.

Valuable Experience:

Collaborate with key organizations for personal growth.

Inclusive Growth:

Contribute to Kerala's development.

Skill Development:

Apply and enhance your skills for meaningful impact.

Volunteering Hub:

Help Kochi become India's volunteering capital.


Join a visionary initiative for personal growth and societal impact.


Gain valuable work experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

It's a collaborative initiative between Kochi Municipal Corporation and KITES India. Through this initiative to leverage the potential of volunteerism, we envision Kochi becoming a 'volunteering capital' within India. Through our concerted efforts and the dedication of our volunteers, we aim to create a model for the world to follow – a city renowned for its vibrant volunteer culture and its transformative influence on society.

Volunteers from diverse backgrounds and age groups, spanning from school students to adults, are encouraged to participate.

Anybody can register through the website and join hands to build Greater Kochi.

Community events, volunteer for government programs, surveys, Clean drives, Awareness Campaigns, Travel, Skill development activities, Sustainable workshops


Yes,It is Possible.